We specialize in all kinds of balloons and accessories. We have vast variety of balloons available in Latex, Foil, Bubble and Super shape. We carry almost all party themed related balloons. No matter what your party occasion is, we can provide you what you are looking for. Please browse our Balloon Section and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. In our Balloon section, you will plain/coloured latex, printed latex, bubble, round shaped, heart shaped, plain foil and printed foil balloons along with all the accessories you need in order to decorate your parties. PLEASE NOTE all of our balloons require Air or Helium. We DO NOT dispatch/deliver INFLATED BALLOONS. INFLATED BALLOONS PICTURES SHOWN IN OUR WEBSITE ARE JUST FOR VIEWING PURPOSE ONLY. Helium services are available in our store only. You can either hire a helium tank or get helium filled balloons from our store at Penrith, Sydney.  Balloon arrangements are for instore payment and pick up only. These arrangements cannot be ordered on the website. Please call us 1300 305 237 to find about our balloon services.